Harbour Coworking

This is how one Director of a CIC describes her experience of Harbour: “The name Harbour couldn’t be more apt… At the times I’ve needed a port in a storm, I’ve really felt supported. There have been times when I didn’t even know I needed support and I was given a coaching session – all sorts of issues I didn’t know I needed resolving came to the surface. From walking in you feel so comfortable – Rachel and Jonathan have been so lovely from day one. The coaching side has been there at the perfect time, I didn’t even know about coaching – I’ve spent many years in business, bumbling along, often struggling for direction. Having had the experience I really think it is integral to starting up or being in business.”

Do you work from home?

Lots of us are now working from home which can have many advantages.  However, the lack of interaction with colleagues and others can have an impact on our wellbeing.  We are passionate about people reaching their potential and this is directly impacted by our emotional and mental wellbeing.  This is the heart behind our pop-up co-working events happening monthly (in various locations in North Lincolnshire – see social media for updates.  Through Harbour we aim to resource & inspire businesses and others – through coaching, connecting with others and training – just like boats of all sizes and purposes come in to a harbour for connecting, community and resourcing.


Help Into Employment

We also welcome people to Harbour if you are not yet in employment.

Come and be with others who are on a similar journey and meet people who are in employment.

Support you’ll find at Harbour might include:

  • Help with completing CVs and preparing for interviews
  • Meeting others who have been on the same journey or have started their own business
  • Coaching which will enable you to overcome challenges and take the next step on your journey into employment.

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