Helping you navigate the currents of life

Navigate the currents of life positively
through coaching and training

Life is like a river 

sometimes it flows too fast 

and we struggle to see it as an adventure.

Sometimes it feels like we’re just being carried along 

or we might feel stuck in an eddy.  

Having a coach 

is like having a companion 

who helps you to grow as part of your journey,

 find a way to move forward 

and reach your potential.


Life is not something that happens to us; life happens through us

Donald L. Hicks

What is Coaching?


“You gave me time to talk and always responded at the right time to extend my thoughts further or help me think in different ways about the issues I was discussing.Your creative ways of approaching issues helped me explore ideas and take them to new, helpful levels or see a different angle on the way I was viewing something.I always felt restored and refreshed after every session.”
"The coaching side has been there at the perfect time, I didn't even know about coaching - I've spent many years in business, bumbling along, often struggling for direction"
“A review from a student who benefited from your workshops. Reviews can be a highly effective way of establishing credibility and increasing your company's reputation.”

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